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Submitted on
December 1, 2011


14 (who?)
After a long and difficult voting session, we finally have our winners!

Remember, you guys - it wasn't just about "talent". The rules had to be followed, and creativity was taken to the max! "Pretty" doesn't mean "Winner".

:iconrekalnus:'s New Year's Icy got the Honorable Mention, and will get rewards from the "prizes for everybody" section. It was agreed this piece was cute and unique, and though it lacked a storm - so did most the others! I know at least two of the judges, myself included, had an instant "awwwww" when seeing it. ;)

:icon1rich1:'s The Princess Meets the Dragon takes third place. The picture's uniqueness and beauty, and classic mix of the dragon and the princess tale, won our hearts. While also lacking a storm, we felt it fit better than those with storms that did not have very Chinese looking dragons.

:iconnanasschevelu:'s The Storm is Coming... is an incredibley unique mix of a fish and a Chinese Ice Storm dragon, summoning a storm, that just fully deserved a second place standing. The uniqueness alone won it many votes and raised its bar high in the ranks.

:iconlauraramirez:'s Ice Storm Dragon wins first, for following the criteria down the thing most people left out...CHINESE ICE STORM Dragon. It shows the power of the beast, the element, and simpley and clearly went by the way the contest was expecting. One admin said, and I quote, "Here we have an oriental dragon that is definitely a master of his element. I think this fits the contest theme very well."

Now, to claim your prizes, 2nd, 3rd, and HM, please wait your turn. 1st place, you get to choose 8 prizes.

Once they choose, 2nd gets 6, and 3rd will get 5. I'll let you know when you can choose - I have to mark the prizes off the list.

I'll also be contacting the "additional prize" givers so hand out the prizes there.


Since this question comes up a lot, you CAN - yes, CAN SUBMIT MORE THAN ONE ENTRY TO THIS CONTEST. But keep in mind that you will only place once - only one entry will be eligable to win (your one with the most votes if you should win).

I don't care if according to votes, you get 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You will only win with the would-be 1st.

:flame: Summary :flame:

I want to go ahead and start the contest, and with so much approval, I think it's safe. ;)

To celebrate the new year - 2012s, year of the Dragon - we're going to mix up two themes into one.  Winter and New Year's.

Competitors are being asked to draw an "Ice Storm Dragon" in Chinese oriental dragon style. So bring on your snake-bodied dragons, complete with beards, whiskers, and/or antlers! The dragon most unique, and best-fitting to the theme will come out on top as our Dragon of the Year!

Have fun with it and be sure to read the rules~

:flame: Guidelines/Rules :flame:

:bulletred: You have to be a member of our group!
:bulletorange: Once you finish your entry, you have to submit it to the group's contest folder or it won't be counted.  STATE that the picture or story is for RealmOfTheDragon's contest. Deviations submitted before this journal or within an hour of the journal creation will also not be counted.
:bulletred: Your entry must be focussed on a Chinese style dragon with ice attributes - for example, ice-inspired design, ice breath, build to live in a cold place, etc.  Chinese style dragons are all that qualify.
:bulletorange: Other than that, you may show them however you like, as long as you follow dA rules.
:bulletred: Any medium may be used, visual or literature, or even musical as long as there are lyrics. All stock, references, and other resources must be credited.
:bulletorange: Entry must be completely original, though you may use someone else's characters as long as credit is given.
:bulletred: Literature must be in English. Details about the appearance of the dragon must be given.
:bulletorange: You should put all your effort into your entry, and give it a BACKGROUND! (Backgrounds aren't required, but keep in mind, they can add a lot to the image and show that much more effort!)

:flame: Judges :flame:

This time around, it's everyone!

:flame: How Judging Works :flame:

This time around, this is going to be fully decided by our members, since I myself am going to try to participate in this event!

I will make one or more polls - depending on the number of entries - to decide our winners. If we have, for example, 30 entries, then I'll make 3 polls of 10 each and the winner of each will be put in a final poll to decide the placings.

I'll explain it better as we get to that point, since we don't know how many entries we'll get. ;)

:flame: Deadline :flame:

February 1st, 2012 is the last day for entries. Extensions need sound reasoning.

:flame: Prize Pool :flame:

Once the winners are chosen, they will choose their prizes in the order they win. 1st place chooses 1st, 2nd chooses 2nd, 3rd gets what's left. Amount of prizes allowed to be chosen by each placing will depend on the number donated.

:iconcarmanmm-dirda: Colored headshot
:iconcarmanmm-dirda: Sketch
:iconcarmandirda: 20 points
:iconcrescentmooncastle: Sketch
:iconnatoli: Lineart
:iconnatoli: Lineart
:iconnatoli: Sketch
:iconthesolitarysandpiper: Colored image (no background)
:iconziara13: Small colored drawing
:iconblackstar125: Sketch
:icondragoncuali: Fully colored, lineless picture
:icondragoncuali: Sketch
:iconarboris-silvestre: Sketch
:icondrawmeadream: Lineart
:icondrawmeadream: Shaded bust
:iconleviadraconia: Sketch
:iconcghthewolf: Full color request
:iconcghthewolf: Black and white request
:iconglori305: 1 free copy of a tutorial on how to make a dragon from polymer clay

Additional prizes...

1st place, 100 points
2nd place, 50 points
3rd place, 25 points

:iconcarmanmm-dirda: Features and digital chibis (one each)
:iconrachaelm5: Small, full-color drawings (one each)
:iconvisanastasis: Llama badges to winners, feature of winners in my journal and in group wings of fantasy, and 20 points for first place

Please donate prizes!
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Nanasschevelu Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012   Digital Artist
Second place.. Seriously its great ! Thank you !

(my computer is bad with me right now.. sorry ;3; )

So.. I don't know what to choose... Hmmm...

:iconcarmandirda:'s 20 points
:icondrawmeadream:'s lineart
:iconthesolitarysandpiper:'s Colored image (no background)
:iconglori305:'s 1 free copy of a tutorial on how to make a dragon from polymer clay
:icondragoncuali:'s sketch
:iconcghthewolf: 's black and white request

Thanks again *3*
congrats winners
LauraRamirez Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012
No way I'm first? :o Wow awesome thank you :D
Hmm so 8 prizes..
I would like:
:iconbloodlust-carman: Sketch
:iconschwarzendrachen: Sketch
:iconnatoli: lineart
:iconziara13: Small colored drawing
:icondragoncuali: Fully colored, lineless picture
:iconarboris-silvestre: Sketch
:icondrawmeadream: shaded bust
:iconlegacyofleviathan: Sketch
CarmanMM-Dirda Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
Sorry for the late reply. x-x

But yes! First! :D

Thank you for listing so conveniently. C:
You can contact them yourself, but I'll be bugging them just in case you don't to remind them of what they owe, and who to contact.
LauraRamirez Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
hh thankies :meow:
Aireane01 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Grats to da winners :3
FoxWingDrgn Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Grats to the winners.

The reasoning listed for each piece seems to attack the peeps that didn't place. I'm sure you didn't mean to sound that way but it's kind of discouraging.
Magnius159 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
artstain Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Aaaarghh!! i didn't see that there's a contest for Ice Storm Dragon.... almost finished a dragon that fit these contest ^^;
CarmanMM-Dirda Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
Maybe you'll catch us next time. Just watch the journals. I update the contest blogs every 2-5 days so everyone sees it.
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